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Big X Military 813 5-ton 6x6 Diesel Motorhome Truck Rv Ultimate Bug-out Vehicle

Price: $ 11,100

Seller notes

This 1970 5-ton 6X6 model 813 w/w truck has a 10-foot fully self contained camper permanently attached in the box for class C motorhome status. I built this truck as the ultimate camping/hunting expedition vehicle, or for the prepper minded person to use as the ideal 'bug out' survival rig. This truck only has 29,600 miles, and is powered by the rock reliable big Cummins 250 HP 6-cylinder diesel engine mated to a 5-spd manual transmission. It has a 2-spd 6X6 transfer case, and has a 20K lb front...

  • Location: 83660, Parma, Idaho

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